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Critical vulnerability TLStorm

márc. 24., 10:59
Subject: CVE-2022-22805 – (CVSS 9.0) TLS buffer overflow, CVE-2022-22806 – (CVSS 9.0) TLS authentication bypass, CVE-2022-0715 – (CVSS 8.9) Unsigned firmware upgrade that can be updated over the network (RCE).  CVE-2022-22805 – (CVSS 9.0) TLS buffer overflow: A memory corruption bug in packet reassembly (RCE).  CVE-2022-22806 – (CVSS 9.0) TLS authentication bypass: A state confusion in the TLS handshake leads to authentication bypass, leading...

Riello UPS enriches the Sentryum S3U series with the new power ratings of 40.50 and 60 kVA @ 208 V, 60 Hz according to UL / CSA standard

márc. 3., 14:37
Now available in the new sizes from 40-50-60 kVA, Sentryum S3U is a transformer-free UPS with double conversion ON LINE technology that provides high levels of power availability and energy efficiency up to 94.5%. ​ Ideal for the protection of small or medium-sized Data Centers and "mission-critical" applications, Sentryum S3U has been designed by choosing a "Green Technology" approach, with components that allow to reduce dissipation and energy losses and improve...